Port Isaac

The Mary D and her crew…

A series of beautifully illustrated children’s story books, set on the Cornish coast, featuring real-life events, centred on the fishing boat, The Mary D, which can be seen working out of Port Isaac harbour.

The main characters, Will, his fisherman dad, and their dog, Connie are all based on real people (Will is the Authors godson). becoming involved in the adventures and dangers of a fisherman’s life helps children understand that their food does not arrive pre-packaged in the supermarket. As the stories unfold, issues such as pollution, conservation and sustainability present themselves in a lively and engaging way, thereby helping develop children’s understanding of the natural world and our place in it.

The Mary D and the Whale

Join Jack, Will, Connie and the Mary D on their first adventure. A children’s story book full of facts, with a strong, environmental message, focusing on the pollution of our oceans and its effect on our wildlife..

The Mary D and the Puffins

Join the crew of the Mary D as they launch a mission to save the puffins of Lundy Island. Can they stop thieves stealing the puffins eggs? An exciting introduction for children to conservation.

The Mary D and the Dolphins

A group of friendly dolphins lead Will, his dad, fisherman Jack and their dog, Connie on their third exciting adventure aboard the Mary D. Exploring the issue of human interaction with wildlife, thereby developing children’s understanding of the natural world and our place in it.