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The Books are aimed at primary age children, aged between 3 and 10 years old. The text is clearly displayed to allow opportunity to differentiate dialogue easily, making it both fun to read aloud and easily accessible for newly independent readers.

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The quirky, fun illustrations allow plenty of opportunity for interaction with the story. For example, children love to count the “naughty” seagulls. 

Environmental issues and Animal facts.

Each story is designed to address a specific environmental theme.

‘The Mary D and the Whale’ explores the damaging effects of pollution in our oceans.

‘The Mary D and the Puffins’ explores the impact of environmental factors on our vulnerable wildlife.

‘The Mary D and the Dolphins’ explores the theme of human interaction with nature.

Each book includes a facts section containing detailed relevant information regarding issues dealt with and the creatures encountered during the adventure, allowing curious readers to further develop their understanding and knowledge around the subjects.

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Our Inspiration.

All of the adventures feature real life events centred on board the fishing boat, ‘The Mary D’, which can be seen working out of Port Isaac harbour. 

‘The Mary D’ was the first fishing boat in North Cornwall to be accredited to the responsible fishing scheme. 


Mary D sand

The Main Characters, Will, his fisherman dad,their fisherman dad and their dog Connie, are all based on real people. 

Becoming involved in the adventures and dangers of a fisherman’s life, helps children to understand that food does not arrive pre-packaged in the supermarket.

Meet the Team.

The authors, Anne Worrall and Tanya Banks, are both primary teachers based in Cornwall, with other published projects, including educational resources.

The illustrator, David Webster, is an artist, renowned for his detailed and accurate representations of his subjects.

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Book Fairs/ Schools / Children’s Clubs/ Conservation Groups

Workshops offered, focusing on story writing/ illustrating/ environmental issues.

Please contact us for more information: reallygoodbooks@hotmail.co.uk